Use Differentiates in a Sentence, How to use “Differentiates” in a sentence


Use Differentiates in a sentence. How to use the word Differentiates in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Differentiates.

Use Differentiates in a Sentence - How to use "Differentiates" in a sentence


Examples of Differentiates in a sentence

  1. In his book The Human Factor in Changing Africa (1962), he differentiates among seven culture areas, in each of which most of the inhabitants share a particular combination of social and cultural characteristics that makes them distinguishable from the peoples of any other area.
  2. Our fax machine differentiates between an incoming fax signal and a voice call.
  3. Its slate roof differentiates this house from others.
  4. What differentiates these two periods of history?
  5. The slate roof differentiates this house from others in the area.
  6. The orange bill of the male differentiates it from the female.
  7. Apted also differentiates navigation habits according to different disciplines and points out its importance for students of the humanities.
  8. What differentiates them is the degree to which it is recognized that they are trying to influence the previous ones.
  9. Therefore, the machine automatically differentiates between an incoming fax signal and a voice call and will respond accordingly.
  10. Therefore, he differentiates between two different ideas that could be encompassed by the concept of equality.
  11. Jaw breakage differentiates at least four groups of predators.
  12. What differentiates the domain of the natural sciences from that of the sciences of human action is the categorical system that is used to interpret phenomena and construct theories.
  13. Little is known about what differentiates symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.
  14. One thing that differentiates Ragnarok from other MMORPGs is the work system: the selection of a character type (of many complex categorizations) is called “work” in RO.
  15. What differentiates a Lwar Forwarder from the Post Office is that normally it will only accept 20 cartons or more.
  16. Coloration differentiates the sexes in many birds.
  17. It differentiates the vehicle response frequency curve and the diffuse pattern recognition.
  18. It is the power of speech that most clearly differentiates man from animals.


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