Use Different in a Sentence, How to use “Different” in a sentence


Use Different in a sentence. How to use the word Different in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Different. Sentence for Different.

Use Different in a Sentence - How to use "Different" in a sentence


Examples of different in a sentence

  1. Each part of the zigzag bolt causes an air wave in a slightly different direction.
  2. A third large species is the thickleaved (T. coriaceum) of the Southern states, whose flowers are of different hues, the staminate flowers being white and showy, while the pistillate flowers, borne on separate plants, are purplish.
  3. Patination has been used as a decorating technique on metals by many different cultures for thousands of years.
  4. Traditionally, therefore, the sculptures have been patinated in different shades of browns and greens as an imitation of the colors that naturally form bronze and copper exposed to the elements.
  5. The European trajectory, however, has been different: the titles have been reduced to four, as many times as he has been a semifinalist, while on six occasions he stayed in the quarterfinals and in two he did not go to the second round: 2004-2005 against Chelsea and 2206-2007 against Liverpool.
  6. The intervention of the technical secretaries has been decisive for the different coaches: Rijkaard, Guardiola, Tito Vilanova, Tata Martino, Luis Enrique and Valverde.
  7. The event, with scheduled start time for 12:30 hours, was held in the Hall of Acts of this faculty (Classroom 009) and it will be exhibited, by several professors of the same, different critical views on science social and how to explain them in the classroom, as well as the most and least of the research in this field.
  8. The objective of this act, pointed out from CEA, was to try to get out of the established norm and transfer alternative opinions about the different subjects that are explained monotonously in the classrooms, always following the current of dominant thought, as well as “assessing the pros and the against of the investigative way nowadays “.
  9. This is how life is, edited and recently published by Blackie Books, it is the last one, a delight illustrated with more than 100 questions from children of different ages with their corresponding and philosophical answers.
  10. Quite a few sleep and most of them chat with other colleagues at different points of the long line to report news, rumors or share some photos.

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