Use Diet in a Sentence, How to use “Diet” in a sentence


Use Diet in a sentence. How to use the word Diet in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Diet. Sentence for Diet.

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Examples of Diet in a sentence

  1. Hemoglobin contains iron, which when absent from the diet results in anemia.
  2. Probably as the result of this diet, the merganser’s flesh is rank and coarse and is not considered edible.
  3. Now that you have that image, start working towards it with exercise and diet.
  4. If you were to compare what constituted a developer’s toolbox some years ago against now, it would look as if it had gone on a strict diet.
  5. The quiet exercise of authority involved in carrying out a simple regimen of diet and of rest will almost automatically extend to other matters.
  6. Can you recall one of the saints—the genuine sort—whose regular diet was roast beef and ale?
  7. Instead of diet change goals or finding love, the sectoral goals in 2020 for guests, aim at providing memorable overnight experiences, and the best is yet to unfold.
  8. When we required a variation in diet, we might go down stream about two miles to a pond and catch a mess of bullheads or frogs.
  9. He subjected himself to the most rigid rules of diet,–and gave up the practice of addressing the senate and the army, which the Roman emperors often had occasion to do, for fear that speaking so loud might strain his voice and injure the sweetness of its tones.
  10. The second was a solemn convocation of all the estates of his immense realm in a sort of diet or deliberative assembly.
  11. The grand diet or general assembly of the states of Genghis Khan’s empire took place two or three years later, when the conquest of Western Asia was complete, and the sons of the emperor and all the great generals could be called together at the emperor’s head-quarters without much danger.

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