Use Did Not in a Sentence, How to use “Did Not” in a sentence


Use Did not in a sentence. How to use the word Did not in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Did not. Sentence for Did not.

Use Did Not in a Sentence - How to use "Did Not" in a sentence


Examples of Did Not in a sentence

  1. If Xander did not feed now, he would go on a rampage and massacre half of the apartment building to ease his hunger.
  2. He knelt in a small stream to quench his thirst, but he did not stop there long.
  3. You did not think we thought for you!
  4. An aerial search on mountains and dense forests bordering Bhutan did not yield anything, said Sahu.
  5. Despite everything, she did not encourage her former boss.
  6. Your boss did not show any human trait.
  7. The low salary did not dispose him to accept the position.
  8. It’s a pity that he did not accept the job.
  9. We offered him an elevator, but he did not accept it.
  10. He did not accept this answer as valid.
  11. His pride did not allow him to accept charity.
  12. Said it would rain, but I did not agree with him, I was sure it would not rain.
  13. I’m surprised you did not have enough of it, but I found it very boring.
  14. He did not encourage casual relationships.
  15. Although he worked on accounts, he did not take any exams to become a certified accountant.
  16. Freely movable paintings did not exist traditionally.
  17. They did not expect that the Bengalis would fight back, which they did.
  18. These two cables did not have a very long life, that of 1865 breaking down in 1877 and that of 1866 in 1872, but by the later of these dates four other cables had been laid across the Atlantic, including one from Brest to Duxbury, Mass.
  19. She did not take her own advice, either as an innovating legislator or later as an educator and volunteer public servant.
  20. Shared attention did not contribute to the multiple linear regression model.
  21. The breed did not become popular outside of Ireland until about 1880, by which time it had lost its white coloring.
  22. When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married.

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