Use Development in a Sentence, How to use “Development” in a sentence


Use Development in a sentence. How to use the word Development in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Development.

Use Development in a Sentence - How to use "Development" in a sentence


Examples of Development in a sentence

  1. *** Development content includes accumulators and fuel cell dynamo-electric technology.
  2. *** Based on the value of the slope of the log-probit regression line, the resistance of Txinnabarinus to abamectin could continue to develop at a higher level, but the rate of development would be slow.
  3. *** Absrtact: The regression of the humanist spirit is the incoercible tendency in the current development.
  4. *** It is difficult to detect any direct influence of Darwin’s writings on the development of the mainstream of plant ecology.
  5. *** This species has reached a higher level of development.
  6. *** I believe that development is a stalking horse for the exploitation of the surrounding countryside.
  7. *** The development of the site will have implications for the surrounding countryside.
  8. *** The local population has a strong opinion on the proposed development, but is virtually powerless to intervene.
  9. *** Geoscience is the prerequisite of the basic science of the development of society, anthropic lives.
  10. *** The second development was the training of nurses to administer drugs.
  11. *** Mr. Brown is responsible for marketing strategy, program development and quality control, while Mr. Morse will manage day-to-day operations.
  12. *** Looking through the history of the development of western art songs, vocal melody and piano accompaniment gradually become a symbiote.
  13. *** To accompany the community of the development of humanity, knowledge of the needs of people was gaining.
  14. *** Combined with KDE technologies, we believe that Qt is the convincing framework for the development of cross-platform software.
  15. *** With the acceleration and development of superconducting technology and refrigeration technology, the refrigerator-cooled superconducting system has moved on to the field application from the conceptual design.
  16. *** With the continuous development of the urban economy and the acceleration of the motorization process, the problems of urban traffic are becoming increasingly serious.
  17. *** “The F-22 is an offensive weapon that conforms to Washington’s global strategy, China’s defense development is self-defensive in nature and does not require a fighter jet of that caliber,” Li said.

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