Use Detailed in a Sentence, How to use “Detailed” in a sentence


Use Detailed in a sentence. How to use the word Detailed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Detailed. Sentence for Detailed.

Use Detailed in a Sentence - How to use "Detailed" in a sentence

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Examples of Detailed in a sentence

  1.  You will find detailed explanations of this question on the further pages of
  2. The detailed form in which this idea is presented to us in the Avesta will be given below.
  3. Detailed chemical and microscopic analyzes on leather legging, about 32 centimeters long, reveal that it was made of goat skin and tanned with birch bark and other plants.
  4. Highly ornamented and compulsively detailed decorative shapes impart depth, richness and elegant complexity to graphic expression.
  5. The book of the law lays down detailed regulations who is to be invited to the funeral feasts and the festivals for the souls of the departed, and who is to be excluded.
  6. An important impetus has been that users found this detailed budget accounting confusing.
  7. I have detailed this case thus particularly because it exhibits clearly what I mean by going directly and frankly to the individual, and coming at once to a full understanding.
  8. Only there could such lively and detailed descriptions of single contests and battles be given, and the laws of knightly honour and warfare be extolled with such enthusiasm.
  9. Fragments of the detailed annals of Tiglath Pilesar inform us that his general again fought against the Babylonians, that he himself again conquered a city which the Babylonians had taken, that in the region of Tel Assur he sacrificed to Merodach the god of Tel Assur.
  10. The Annals give a more detailed account, but in the narrative of these events the text is interrupted by great lacunæ.
  11. The inscriptions on slabs between the thighs of the two bulls before the north-west entrance give a detailed account of the dimensions and manner of the building of this palace.


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