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Definition of Description

Examples of Description in a sentence

*** Control formats based on escape sequences can be of indefinite duration, and page description languages can be extremely powerful.

*** The empirical part of the study contains assumptions, description of the statistical analysis, test of parameters of the analysis of variance of a factor, correlation and multiple linear regression analysis.


*** The oldest description of this species dates from 1703.

*** My description of The Empyrean as a story is accurate from my point of view, but misleading, since there are no traffic signals so that someone else can perceive a clear story.

*** Directories where webmasters can send both the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and the description usually contain more misleading information.

*** Agents often gave a false or misleading description of the houses they sold.


*** Third, and most importantly, the Act creates two offenses related to the incorrect description of products and misleading statements about services.

*** Orwell’s “Burmese days” are a compelling description of life under British colonial rule.

*** A computer description of a sequence of signals or other data that is unintelligible or incomprehensible.

*** His splendid description of sexual love was sharply criticized, and upon dying, he possessed the reputation of a pornographer who had squandered his considerable talents.


*** Description: Snaky jay: Find out what happens to Snaky Jake when he leaves the zoo!

*** Ercilla excels in description of nature and of battle scenes.

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