Use Derive in a Sentence, How to use “Derive” in a sentence


Use Derive in a sentence. How to use the word Derive in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Derive. Sentence for Derive.

Derive in a Sentence


Examples of derive in a sentence

  1. They derive their efficacy from the prayer and blessing of the church.
  2. Derive the velocity profile for the optimal acceleration of this system.
  3. It may derive from stipend, a corruption of the Latin word stips, meaning gift.
  4. The teacher, in the same manner, should understand what is the full beneficial effect which it is possible, _in theory_, to derive from his instructions.
  5. If such subjects as are suitable themes for _moral essays_ are assigned, the scholars will indeed dislike the work of writing, and derive little benefit from it.
  6. Finding that I should derive little instruction from the recitation, I returned to the sofa.
  7. So people who are not well supplied with religion derive undoubted benefit from churches; but my family have at home all the religion they need.
  8. It is probable that he knew that Champchevrier was a friend of the cardinal’s, or at least that he was attached to his interests, and that it was altogether probable that his going into France was connected with some plot or scheme by which the cardinal and his party were to derive some advantage.
  9. This made his men enthusiastically devoted to him, and led them to consider his prodigality as a virtue, even when they did not themselves derive any direct advantage from it.
  10. We can not substitute the action of the child for that of the parent in the work of early training, but we can often derive very great advantage by securing his cooperation.
  11. The Monguls are a portion of this people, who are said to derive their name from Mongol Khan, one of their earliest and most powerful chieftains.

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