Use Dependent in a Sentence – How to use “Dependent” in a sentence


Use Dependent in a sentence. How to use the word Dependent in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dependent. Sentence for Dependent.

Use Dependent in a Sentence - How to use "Dependent" in a sentence

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Examples of Dependent in a sentence

  1. We are highly dependent on information technology.
  2. He is almost completely dependent upon me now.
  3. Families have become completely dependent (addicted, even) to their phones.
  4. During this period, they were highly dependent on the weather.
  5. Density is highly dependent upon fluid temperature remaining constant.
  6. We are dependent on these fuels for almost all our tasks.
  7. Many renewable sources are highly dependent on their location.
  8. Many developing countries are highly dependent on agriculture.
  9. Poland is highly dependent on coal for electrical generation.
  10. The clients were the employed, the dependent, the poor.
  11. It seemed surpassingly wonderful that the strong man, strong in spirit only, should be lying now as helpless as an infant, wholly dependent upon her.
  12. The kingdom of Epirus was thus very near to, and in some respects dependent upon, the kingdom of Macedon.
  13. The dominion of the Romans had extended itself before this time over a considerable portion of Italy, though Tarentum, and the region of country dependent upon it, had not yet been subdued.
  14. All he asked was that he might have the sanction of the Roman government to his retaining Tarentum and the countries connected with and dependent upon it; and that, in maintaining his dominion over these lands, he might look upon the Roman people as his allies and friends.
  15. He had no weapon, nothing to indicate that he was a hunter; and the uniform of a fashion that went out of style forever, I thought, more than thirty years ago, with its gleaming brass buttons and freshness of texture, drew more than one inquiring glance from me, despite my effort not to appear curious to a stranger upon whom I had become dependent.


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