Use Delicious in a Sentence, How to use “Delicious” in a sentence


Use Delicious in a sentence. How to use the word Delicious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Delicious. Sentence for Delicious.

Use Delicious in a Sentence - How to use "Delicious" in a sentence


Examples of Delicious in a sentence

  1. The main dish salads can be delicious, healthy and plentiful.
  2. A delicious accompaniment of grilled salmon or tasty pasta.
  3. He is particularly fond of hot beets, recommending them as an accompaniment to roasting the saddle of the hare, a delicious combination.
  4. These fritters are especially delicious with plums stewed with orange juice as an accompaniment, if they wish.
  5. The restaurant has a delicious dessert menu.
  6. I was invited to an intimate lunch last week at the Winning family home to celebrate the launch of Best Home Chef and was treated to a delicious lunch cooked by Chef Massimo Mele.
  7. It is a shame, as macaroons are delicious.
  8. This was the most delicious pork we have ever tasted.
  9. We also dug into a delicious meal while sitting on the porch amidst the beautiful vineyard.
  10. Some of our visitors can be in and out in a couple of minutes with a bag full of delicious chocolate, but we see them so often that we forgive them for not staying and enjoying our hospitality longer.
  11. Perhaps it is your bigotry that is making you naseous not the delicious smell of curry.
  12. Two hundred years ago the Pal family cooked these delicious sweetmeats for the zamindar (landowner), who liked them so much that he employed the family.
  13. Their sandwiches and and paninis look delicious and you can get a half portion as well…
  14. So we are presently enjoying quite a few apple crumbles and apple and sultana cakes (recipe to follow as it is seriously delicious)
  15. After a delicious supper of pork burgers and some of Abi’s homemade cakes in our log cabin, we fall into bed, happy but exhausted.
  16. Lunch at a small restaurant near Palmse Manor was relaxed and the food delicious – plenty of choice, whether you wanted a snack or a more substantial meal.

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