Use Define in a Sentence, How to use “Define” in a sentence


Use Define in a sentence. How to use the word Define in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Define. Sentence for Define.

Use Define in a Sentence - How to use "Define" in a sentence


Examples of Define in a sentence

  1. The Parliament were always endeavoring to extend, define, and establish their privileges.
  2. The define command calculates and displays geometric objects based on atomic coordinates.
  3. Biomedical theories define successful ageing largely in terms of the optimisation of life expectancy while minimising physical and mental …
  4. And yet ask a chief technology officer to define big data and he or she will will stare at the floor.
  5. It was further stipulated that the Allies should define the territorial compensations as well as the facilities regarding money and war material which they would accord Greece in order to enable her to do her part of belligerent efficiently.
  6. It mattered little if the student could neither speak nor write Danish correctly, but he must be able to define the finest points in a Latin grammar of more than 1200 pages.
  7. The question prompts will have led you to define possible shifts that your user and …
  8. There are many ways to define your terms.
  9. In a context that allows liberal expansion of define, id is bound as syntax if expr is an immediate lambda form with keyword arguments or args include keyword …
  10. define myself as a techno-anarchist.
  11. This is done with the define command.
  12. Rand Fishkin, CEO and founder of Moz, has written about why he resolved to define the company culture after learning the hard way how it influenced work.
  13. This page shows how to define environment variables for a container in a Kubernetes Pod.
  14. In a worksheet, type the name of the variable that you want to define.
  15. Presents State laws that define the conduct, acts, and omissions that constitute child abuse or neglect that must be reported to child protective agencies.

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