Use Defeat in a Sentence, How to use “Defeat” in a sentence


Use Defeat in a sentence. How to use the word Defeat in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Defeat. Sentence for Defeat.

Use Defeat in a Sentence - How to use "Defeat" in a sentence

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Examples of defeat in a sentence

  1. Mike threw his hands up in defeat.
  2. He remained quietly dignified in defeat.
  3. It was a severe defeat which he inflicted on them.
  4. In spite of this severe defeat the Edomites made a stubborn resistance.
  5. Cyrus must have made it his object to reconcile the Medes to their defeat and loss of empire.
  6. Necho had had time to recover from the defeat of Karchemish.
  7. After this defeat the Ammonites also retired before Abishai into their fortified city of Rabbath-Ammon on the Nahr-Ammon.
  8. After the crushing defeat at Aphek it devolved on Samuel to perform the duties of high priest.
  9. The three sections of this long poem depict the early defeat of the Spanish Army by the Araucanians; the subsequent defeat of the Indians by the forces of Ercilla’s commander, Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza; and the final Spanish domination of the Araucanian lands.
  10. Rustem cannot bring himself to suffer defeat in the battle, and therefore in the night Simurgh carries him away to the tree of life, on the sea of China, and bids him break off the branch to which Isfendyar’s life is bound.
  11. As the most powerful effects were attributed to these penances, the Kuçikas and the other races derived from Viçvamitra were indemnified for the previous defeat of Viçvamitra when he was still a Kshatriya.
  12. Thus the defeat of Necho and the retreat of the Egyptian army aroused no feelings of delight in Jerusalem at the blow which had there fallen upon the lord of the Nile.
  13. Though Jehu submitted to the Assyrians, the power and spirit of Hazael was not broken by his defeat or by the siege of Damascus.

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