Use Deep in a Sentence, How to use “Deep” in a sentence


Use Deep in a sentence. How to use the word Deep in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Deep. Sentence for Deep.

Use Deep in a Sentence - How to use "Deep" in a sentence

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Examples of deep in a sentence

  1. He was in deep conversation with his accountant.
  2. I was surprised, but deep down I was not totally surprised.
  3. From the living room came the sound of a deep masculine voice singing a sentimental ballad.
  4. Under harder acceleration, it intrudes, ending as a deep sound with rugged edges at maximum power.
  5. The sad and deep songs are sung in the wind and I am in the presence of an innumerable and devout congregation.
  6. The prospect of cloning to produce children, which would be a radically new form of procreation, raises deep concerns about identity and individuality, the meaning of having children, the difference between procreation and manufacturing, and the relationship between generations.
  7. A black knight appeared, as if emerging from a deep shadow, on the surface of the ultimately narrow board.
  8. 5irechain is a fifth-generation blockchain that will bring a shift in paradigms from a for-profit to a for-benefit by embedding sustainability and social impact deep inside the 5irechain runtime logic and ensure that the activities which are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals either on-chain or in the real world are highly incentivized with the cutting-edge multilayered Proof-Of-Fire consensus mechanism and reward distribution engine.


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