Use Decision in a Sentence

Use Decision in a sentence. How to use the word Decision in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Decision.

Definition of Decision

Examples of Decision in a sentence

*** I am not willing to accept that this decision is final.

*** In such a system there are no officeholders, no decision makers, no judges to affirm the law, and no enforcement agencies.

*** This decision is an absolute foolishness of all our hard work.

*** The decision caused a large public outcry and a national debate on euthanasia.

*** The decision of the lower court is unanimously confirmed.

*** After a court of first instance ruled that the signatures were valid, the Arizona Court of Appeals unanimously annulled that decision in February 1996.

*** The Board of Directors has approved the decision unanimously.

*** At its Whitsun Conference, therefore, the Socialist League unanimously approved the decision to disband.

*** The impetus of the popularity of Marxism in contemporary China is the party of time and the strategic decision of the destiny of the country.

*** This decision will give a renewed boost to the economic regeneration of East London.

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