Use Decide in a Sentence

Use Decide in a sentence. How to use the word Decide in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Decide.

Definition of Decide

reach a resolution in the mind as a result of consideration.

Examples of Decide in a sentence

*** How do you decide whether to allow an exemption?

*** We decided to go out to eat as we had no food at home.

*** I thought that the purpose of the meeting was to decide what offer to accept.

*** I still don’t know what to do, I haven’t decided yet.

*** What did Donald decide to do?

*** When I got low degree on the exam, I decided to work harder.

*** The book is too boring so I decided to stop reading it.

*** I was coughing a lot at nights so I decided to stop smoking.

*** We didn’t decide where we will go for holiday this summer yet?

*** There is two different job offers for me and I can not decide which one I will take.

*** On the exam, I was not sure which one was the correct answer, so I decided to leave it empty.

*** My brother decided to propose his girlfriend and now he is on the shopping for a ring.

*** Which one are you going to buy? You better decide soon.

*** I gained weight nowadays that’s way I decided to diet.

*** I was planning my holiday for 2 weeks but I got ill and I decided to come back.

*** If you decide early for your holiday location, we can buy cheap tickets.

*** Decide what kind of future you envision for yourself.

*** First we have to decide what we want from Raveling.

*** The unarmed peacekeepers can not impose truces if the belligerents decide otherwise.

*** Some owners still have to decide if they try to repair it.

*** If you still can not decide: get a life.

*** Donald said he would decide on wednesday the composition of the group.

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