Use Death in a Sentence, How to use “Death” in a sentence


Use Death in a sentence. How to use the word Death in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Death. Sentence for Death.

Death in a Sentence


Examples of death in a sentence

  1. With the death of its founder, the campaign lost much of its impetus.
  2. She was learning to accept the inevitability of death.
  3. No, please no, you’re not boring me to death.
  4. The death penalty was commuted to life imprisonment.
  5. Premeditated murder carries the death penalty.
  6. Their use as tomb figures, as in the 6th century b. c. Lycian “Harpy Tomb,” now in the British Museum, indicates that they were also thought of as demons of death.
  7. Traditional African peoples undoubtedly had high birth and death rates, with infant mortality rates at or above 50 percent and life expectancy at or below 30 years.
  8. Not all regulatory powers are vested in the central authority, however, and many matters of life and death and property remain in the hands of lineages and local authorities—though always subject to the customary rules shared by all members of the society.
  9. The governor commuted the prisoner’s death sentence to life imprisonment.
  10. Finally, the death sentence was overturned by the Supreme Court.
  11. His sentence was commuted from death to life imprisonment.
  12. There were many conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana.
  13. The police said that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the child.
  14. The snake was writhing in its death throes.
  15. How about wearing clothes for the feet, or the things that Napoleon thought the day of his death?
  16. I was surprised by the news of his death.
  17. Symptoms of overexposure may include bluish discoloration of the lips and tongue, severe headache, nausea, confusion, dizziness, shock, respiratory paralysis, death.
  18. Inhalation of argon in excessive amounts can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and death.
  19. The nausea threatened to defeat him, but his determination to avenge the death of his friend was too strong.

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