Use Data in a Sentence, How to use “Data” in a sentence


Use Data in a sentence. How to use the word Data in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Data.

Use Data in a Sentence


Examples of Data in a sentence

  1. Finally, through the simulation platform (NS2), it obtains the data of the double channel protocol that redefines the Architecture of the unmanned aerial network, and analyzes and investigates.
  2. This is an aerial view of the Microsoft data center in San Antonio, Texas.
  3. In this document, an air-ground data link system is designed for a minimum-sized unmanned aerial vehicle.
  4. Arithmetic unit: the arithmetic unit is a data processing unit consisting of arithmetic logic unit (ALU), accumulator, data buffer, ect.
  5. The CPU contains an accumulator (AC) to temporarily store data.
  6. As a result, a critical time response during signal processing is limited only to the stage of the accumulator that is currently processing the data word.
  7. On a computer, a special storage register associated with the arithmetic logic unit, used to store the results of a calculation or data transfer.
  8. We also use a named parameter to pass covariable data to the set of accumulators along with the samples.
  9. Load the data in the accumulator or adder according to the instructions.
  10. Due to general phenomena of undefined or even imperfect data, the information systems presented to the user are mostly incomplete.
  11. The computer stores data in a buffer until the printer can accept them.
  12. Although Muslim and European travelers occasionally notieed the arts, their reports contain little useful data for the historian.
  13. Many of the published regression models are quite successful in analyzing past data.
  14. In order to improve the adaptability and robustness of the algorithms, we present another TOA / TDOA data fusion algorithm based on the Regression of vector machine supporting radiolocation.
  15. According to the characteristics of the flight data, the mobile quadratic polynomial regression model is established and transformed into the orthogonal polynomial to calculate the regression coefficient.
  16. In MSS, to move data from a data cartridge to a buffer unit.

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