Use Danger in a Sentence, How to use “Danger” in a sentence


Use Danger in a sentence. How to use the word Danger in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Danger. Sentence for Danger.

Use Perilous in a Sentence - How to use "Perilous" in a sentence

Examples of danger in a sentence

  1. A snow leopard in danger of extinction is inside its enclosure in a zoo in Darjeeling, India.
  2. He remained calm even in the presence of danger.
  3. The danger that an unrepaired hernia may become strangulated is always present.
  4. Metternich long remained obdurate , but the danger of war in 1840 obliged him to give way.
  5. He remained calm in the face of such danger.
  6. The general public remained totally ignorant of the danger.
  7. Another danger is, that the boys will be so engaged in the duties of their _offices_ as to neglect their _studies_.
  8. This danger may be avoided in the following manner.
  9. There were, of course, many boys who felt that they were in danger.
  10. In some cases there is danger of confusion in the answers, from the fact that the question may be of such a nature that the answer is long, and may by different individuals be differently expressed.
  11. With these limitations and restrictions, and with this express understanding in regard to what is, in all cases, the ultimate authority, I think there will be no danger in throwing a very large share of the business which will, from time to time, come up in the school, upon the scholars themselves for decision.
  12. By such means the practical bearings and relations of the studies of the school-room may be constantly kept in view; but I ought to guard the teacher, while on this subject, most distinctly against the danger of making the school-room a scene of literary amusement instead of study.
  13. What I now condemn is the practice, of which all teachers are in danger, of devoting such a disproportionate and unreasonable degree of attention to them as to encroach upon their duties to others.
  14. The first duty, then, of the teacher when he enters his school is to beware of the danger of making an unfavorable impression at first upon his pupils.


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