Use Dances in a Sentence, How to use “Dances” in a sentence


Use Dances in a sentence. How to use the word Dances in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dances. Sentence for Dances.

Dances in a Sentence


Examples of Dances in a sentence

  1. The dances for Henry VIII became popular.
  2. And in a contemporary coordination exhibition, there were parachutes, aerial acrobatics and folk dances.
  3. These dances lasted for hours, and as they progressed the men gradually worked themselves up into a frenzy.
  4. They were often worn with elaborate costumes and had special songs and dances associated with them.
  5. Russian dances: the famous Dance Company “: Little White Birch” will travel from Russia to current performances in Beijing.
  6. They spent the hours in feasting about their camp-fires and reclining on the grass, where they amused themselves and one another by relating tales, or joining in merry songs and dances.
  7. And, like the Phrygian priests of Cybele, with their cymbals and their dances, he has just this power of whirling away his hearers into any region he pleases and making them feel at any moment what he wishes them to feel.
  8. These men, with shouts and shrieks and uncouth gestures and dances, were wont to amaze the demoniacs for a time and to drive them into a kind of torpor; which torpor they called health and peace, and boasted that they had wrought a cure.
  9. It happened about this time that there was a great feast in honor of Artemis, and the customary processions and dances, and games also and chariot-races and plays exhibited in the theatre.
  10. Here are no temples (save one), no processions, no dances, no games, no chariot races, no plays, no pictures, no statues, no libraries; the very air breathes dullness and superstition.
  11. For example, ballet, ballroom dance and folk dance can be single dance styles or families of related dances.
  12. From the WAP Challenge to the Savage dance, here are the best TikTok dances of the year and how to learn them.

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