Use Dancers in a Sentence, How to use “Dancers” in a sentence


Use Dancers in a sentence. How to use the word Dancers in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dancers.

Use Dancers in a Sentence - How to use "Dancers" in a sentence


Examples of Dancers in a sentence

  1. Greece proper and Ionia supplied the petty Oriental princes with courtesans, musicians and dancers.
  2. Kansas City Ballet Dancers consists of a company of 30 professional dancers, KCB II, and Trainees.
  3. Towards the end of the 66 he arrived in Greece with an entourage of soldiers, courtiers, musicians and dancers.
  4. To these were added whole bands of minstrels, mimics, jugglers, tumblers, rope-dancers, and buffoons.
  5. Some of these prizes were for those who excelled in athletic exercises, and in feats of strength and dexterity, while others were for singers and dancers, and other performers on the public stage.
  6. And the Brahmans and the people of Ayodhya came to bless Rama, and scattered rice in the husk and kuça-grass on his head, and Rama sent away the Brahmans with rich gifts, and the minstrels and dancers and dancing-girls were rewarded.
  7. He accordingly set out in grand state on his journey westward, escorted by his body-guard, and with his motley and innumerable horde of singers, dancers, poets, actors, and mountebanks in his train.
  8. The princess was conducted through the streets, accompanied by a long cavalcade and a procession of splendid carriages, through long lines of soldiers, and under triumphal arches, and over paths strewed with flowers, while bands of music, and groups of dancers, at various distances along the way, expressed the general congratulation and joy.
  9. I give a party; of course my windows are all thrown open, and foolish young girls, in the thinnest of white muslins, are standing in the draught; and such a whirlwind is raised by the flirting of fans, and the rush of the dancers, that I am blown, like a dry leaf, into a corner, where I stand shivering, and making rueful attempts to appear smiling and hospitable.


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