Dance in a Sentence

How to use the word Dance in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dance.

Dance in a Sentence

Examples of Dance in a sentence

1 – In fact, dance is the gestural language par excellence.

2 – Dance mask used in ceremonies initating boys into adulthood among the Bapende people in the southwest of the Congo.

3 – In Grosse Todten-Bruder-schaft (1681), he employed the medieval “dance of death” as a framework for satire.

4 – Life is about learning to dance in the rain.

Dance in a Sentence

5 – This article analyzes the remains of the shaman culture in contemporary popular dance with musical accompaniment.

6 – In particular, primitive dance with musical accompaniment influences today and lays the foundations of national art in modern times.

7 – A theatrical presentation of group dance or only with a musical accompaniment, usually with costumes and scenic effects, which conveys a story or theme.

8 – Learn to dance the zigzag pattern of the foxtrot in this free dance lesson video.

9 – In this way, when leaving school, they left with a complete education: drawing, modeling, photography, furniture design, staging, dance, typography …

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