Use Dance in a Sentence, How to use “Dance” in a sentence


How to use the word Dance in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dance.

Use Dance in a Sentence - How to use "Dance" in a sentence


Examples of Dance in a sentence

  1.  In fact, dance is the gestural language par excellence.
  2. Towards evening Astyages caused his concubines to dance and play before him while drinking wine.
  3. Dance mask used in ceremonies initating boys into adulthood among the Bapende people in the southwest of the Congo.
  4. In Grosse Todten-Bruder-schaft (1681), he employed the medieval “dance of death” as a framework for satire.
  5. Life is about learning to dance in the rain.
  6. This article analyzes the remains of the shaman culture in contemporary popular dance with musical accompaniment.
  7. In particular, primitive dance with musical accompaniment influences today and lays the foundations of national art in modern times.
  8. A theatrical presentation of group dance or only with a musical accompaniment, usually with costumes and scenic effects, which conveys a story or theme.
  9. Learn to dance the zigzag pattern of the foxtrot in this free dance lesson video.
  10. In this way, when leaving school, they left with a complete education: drawing, modeling, photography, furniture design, staging, dance, typography …
  11. Mary Alice Brennan The adage ” Timing is everything ” is particularly relevant to the republishing of this classic in the dance literature .
  12. The people do not dance at the festival, the minstrels are not surrounded by an audience.
  13. Dramatic dance and abstract dance are often placed at opposite extremes of the continuum of theatrical dance.
  14. And when the trout made a jump above the surface and shook himself, the coon seemed to fairly dance with joy.
  15. As they did not come, he took them out with a net, and when they leapt about, he said, Cease dancing now; ye did not dance out of the water when I played.
  16. The target begins a comic dance in place – shuffling, tapping its feet, and capering for the duration.

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