Use Cultural in a Sentence, How to use “Cultural” in a sentence


Use Cultural in a sentence. How to use the word Cultural in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cultural. Sentence for Cultural.

Use Cultural in a Sentence - How to use "Cultural" in a sentence


Examples of cultural in a sentence

  1. Everyone knows that this royal couple of hip-hop and R&B is more than just a cultural icon.
  2. The latter part of the 16th and the first half of the 17th centuries mark a rather barren period in the religious and cultural life of Denmark.
  3. The natural means for the attainment of this aim was a living presentation of a people’s own cultural heritage, their native tradition, history, literature and folk life.
  4. The Reformation had uprooted much of the cultural life that had grown up during the long period of Catholic supremacy, but had produced no adequate substitute.
  5. It prevented the city from being provided with a quality urban natural space for the enjoyment of residents and tourists, in an environment where commercial, catering, leisure and cultural activities were mixed.
  6. The cultural identity, the origins of life and the intermediate spaces are his inspirations.
  7. Most of the intellectual and spiritual leaders of his time looked upon the very idea of sharing the richer cultural and spiritual values of life with the common man as a visionary conception of an unstable and erratic mind.
  8. Mass culture is supposedly a leveler and a globalizer; By definition, we all share mass cultural references.
  9. Osaka is Japan’s cultural heritage city and has everything that you would like to see, such as cultural shows, cherry blossoms and more.
  10. A means of social control is defined as a set of cultural models and symbols that are determined and applied through a set of acts.
  11. In turn, this word comes from the Latin concepts of education and education that are related to promoting the intellectual and cultural development of the student.

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