Use Cultivated in a Sentence, How to use “Cultivated” in a sentence


Use Cultivated in a sentence. How to use the word Cultivated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cultivated. Sentence for Cultivated.

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Examples of Cultivated in a sentence

  1. They were in a certain sense cultivated and refined.
  2. And here comes our reward, if we have cultivated their imagination.
  3. Some more are damaged when cultivated with contaminated and contaminated water.
  4. The presence of a cultivated young woman in the year 1896 is responsible for much.
  5. Miss W. possessed a fine and well-cultivated mind, great penetration, and a tact at discriminating character rarely equaled.
  6. Except for cultivated plateaus and high valleys and the reclaimed area of Lake Fucino, this mountain region is rocky and unproductive.
  7. The species D. purpureum, also known as beggarweed, is cultivated as a forage and cover crop in the southern United States.
  8. The gold of pleasure was once cultivated for its oily seeds.
  9. What the earth, and the rite of burial, effects for man in advanced and cultivated stages of society, the vultures of the Appenines were commissioned to perform for all the animal communities of Italy, in Numitor’s time.
  10. It forms the centre of a cultivated district, though the storms from the west often drive the sand of the desert to its shores.
  11. The adjacent soil is now well cultivated; the fields are thickly planted with trees, and beside old water-courses, now dried up, and extensive ruins of yet older aqueducts, eighteen channels still convey their rills to fields under active cultivation.
  12. The only qualities that were respected or cultivated were such stern virtues as courage, fortitude, endurance, insensibility to pain and grief, and contempt for all the pleasures of wealth and luxury. Lycurgus did not write out his system.
  13. The monasteries of those times were endowed with large tracts of valuable land, which were cultivated by servants or vassals, and from the proceeds of this cultivation the monks were supported, and the monastery buildings kept in repair or enlarged.

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