Culinary in a sentence

How to use the word Culinary in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Culinary.

Examples of Culinary in a sentence

1. In Premium Economy class, the traveler will live a true French culinary experience starting with a refreshing glass of champagne followed by an appetizer.

2. The trip in business class will be a culinary escape in the middle of heaven!

3. A light protein-full dinner (vegetable omelet) will be a perfect culinary foreplay.

4. A traditional folk, the Chinese workers brought their spiritual beliefs and culinary talents with them, teaching the locals and passing them along.

5. With the restaurant’s master chefs’ continuous search for recipes from the various districts of South India comes a menu full of culinary rigour.

6. The local man currently works as Head Chef in the Central Bank and has been carving out quite a niche for himself in the culinary world.

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