Use Cross in a Sentence, How to use “Cross” in a sentence


Use Cross in a sentence. How to use the word Cross in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cross. Sentence for Cross.

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Examples of cross in a sentence

  1. The cross section of Mett is applied to a point scatter.
  2. Cross was a little puzzled by his brusque manner.
  3. When a storm was brewing, the crew was ordered to cross the hatches.
  4. For the first time, the theory of fuzzy optimization is applied to study the principle and method of objective diffuse reliability, the optimal design of the acceleration switch with cross springs.
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  6. In conjunction with these measures, the entire army had to cross the Peninsula to the same place.
  7. When adding and subtracting decimals, we should cross the 0 at the end.
  8. To get to his house, we needed to cross a zigzag path and cross several zebra crossings. We parked our car in my uncle’s yard.
  9. If you go from New York to London, you cross five time zones.
  10. Students fill in journals on a rotating basis, with regular cross-references to verify the accuracy of entries.
  11. In World War I he was a member of the American Red Cross Sanitary Commission to Serbia (1915) and later a colonel in the Medical Corps of the American Expeditionary Force in France.


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