Use Credulity in a Sentence, How to use “Credulity” in a sentence


Use Credulity in a sentence. How to use the word Credulity in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Credulity. Sentence for Credulity.

Credulity in a Sentence


Examples of Credulity in a sentence

  1. In fact , He might even reward the skeptics for their independent habits of thought and punish believers for their credulity.
  2. Credulity may be a function of a natural ignorance or an uncritical insensitivity in assessing evidence .
  3. Many people are disposed to credulity, a tendency to be easily deceived and to accept propositions too readily or on weak or insufficient evidence.
  4. Credulity is a second-order disposition about how we arrive at beliefs and is a disposition that can lead to subjectivity.
  5. Credulity is displayed in unqualified assent to propositions or belief in propositions that are not sufficiently grounded to justify belief in them .
  6. A small credulity helps one through life without problems.
  7. They seem to equate intelligent belief with credulity.
  8. Credulity is the weakness of man, but the strength of the child.
  9. Advertisers were accused of exploiting the credulity of consumers.
  10. He tried to practice with the imagination and credulity of the audience.
  11. The plot of the novel increases credulity to the limit.
  12. His latest version of events further forced his credulity.
  13. The credulity was forced to believe that a nuclear war would not lead to the destruction of the planet.
  14. This is perhaps understandable, but stretching the credulity to expect us to bless it as the highest human freedom
  15. She has practiced on my credulity with great success.
  16. They changed their credulity.
  17. The plot extends credulity.
  18. It was shown once again that the credulity of the apprentices knew no limits.
  19. But it would be to force the credulity too much to hope that everything will be absorbed.
  20. The credulity grows to think that it could beat San Francisco and Dallas along the way.
  21. Credulity is twisted, I know, but there were nights in those years when no man was badly looked at.
  22. It can stretch credulity to the point that the signs of actual abuse are overlooked.
  23. The plot of the play extends the credulity to the limit.
  24. He has overcome his credulity.

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