Use Credited in a Sentence, How to use “Credited” in a sentence


Use Credited in a sentence. How to use the word Credited in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Credited. Sentence for Credited.

Use Credited in a Sentence - How to use "Credited" in a sentence

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Examples of Credited in a sentence

  1. Everyone credited her with the authorship of the book.
  2. The discovery of distillation is generally credited to the Arabs of the eleventh century.
  3. Everyone credited with the authorship of this book.
  4. All credited with the true authorship of this thesis.
  5. The discovery of distillation is generally credited to the Arabs of the eleventh century.
  6. And it is he who is credited with introducing King into Gandhi’s writings and the concept of non-violent resistance.
  7. He is credited with the discovery of the larger accessory duct of the sublingual salivary gland and of Bartholin’s vaginal glands.
  8. The fox is a very interesting animal and whether living in an open farming country or in the deep forest, he is credited with “living by his wits.”
  9. All songs on the album are credited to the New Bomb Turks with the exception of the song “Mr. Suit”, a cover of the British punk rock band Wire’s song from their debut album Pink Flag (1977).
  10. “Out of a multitude of labor savers and world-beaters–and world savers, too!–to be credited to Mr. Edison, it is impossible to mention more than these:
  11. In spite of his repeated declarations that under no circumstances would Greece take up a hostile attitude, the King was credited with a treacherous design–to mass in Thessaly 80,000 men, lay up munitions and provisions, wait until the Allied Army should march on Monastir, and then attack it from behind.
  12. He is credited with the remark that he had done what all ought to do: married an elderly woman in his young days, whom he could care for when she grew old, and a young woman in his later years, who could comfort him in his old age.


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