Use Create in a Sentence, How to use “Create” in a sentence


Use Create in a sentence. How to use the word Create in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Create. Sentence for Create.

Create in a sentence

Examples of Create in a sentence

  1. The series is usually based on an exaggerated technology to create a social critique: dating simulation applications, a personality classification system, censorship controls in real life.
  2. Create your personal Headline and Greeting, set up your message preferences; search our database for new friends, dates or companions; browse Members’ Profiles and contact Members who interest you.
  3. As this people managed to create the greatest power of the world America.
  4. Colorful toys, rugs and bedding for your daughter’s park were important if you wanted to create a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Southern grandmothers made this favorite for home with cream, but this healthier version uses canned evaporated skimmed milk to create the same wonderful flavor.
  6. For subordinates, the managerial role par excellence was to create a supportive environment within which they could prosper professionally and personally.
  7. The series poses without doubt very interesting concepts and manages to create a base with many possibilities.
  8. Hand spools create unwanted slack and immediately tighten around the hand under load, trapping fingers and preventing an effective arrest.
  9. The manager tries to create a pleasant atmosphere in the office.
  10. We have tried to create the atmosphere of a French restaurant.
  11. Musk, sandalwood and cedar wood notes: combine to create the base notes.
  12. He discovered that sweeping the floor was too boring and maneuvered to create an electrical control panel.
  13. When placing the ring, I will alternate the segments marked face up and face up to create a balanced pattern.
  14. This could, in principle, create an environment that is completely indistinguishable from reality.
  15. Scripts are a great way to let the game designer create a compelling story without the need to modify the actual game program.
  16. Integrate, upload, create affiliate relationships and continue selling your programs.
  17. The Mukden incident (September 18, 1931), which gave the Japanese a push to create the state of Manchukuo, took place near Shenyang.

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