Use Court in a Sentence – How to use “Court” in a sentence


Use Court in a sentence. How to use the word Court in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Court.

Use Court in a Sentence - How to use "Court" in a sentence


Examples of Court in a sentence

  1. The Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura supervises the courts of the church and is itself a court of final appeal.
  2. Magistrates have agreed to shut down a private flat described in court as a “shooting gallery” for drug addicts.
  3. His arrogant behavior on the court completely excited his opponent.
  4. On the eastern borders of Chancery Lane, that is, more specifically in Gook’s Court, Cursitor Street, Mr. Snagsby, the papermaker follows his legal calling.
  5. In the fifteenth century, however, the law of equity and jurisprudence of equity became a dependent legal system and a judiciary (Court of justice) that competed with ordinary courts of common law.
  6. The work of the former Court of the Chancellery is the basis of the work done today by the Foreign Ministry Division.
  7. They may be cited in court as precedents in developing a case or used as rhetorical devices to sway the judges.
  8. Although it was only his first offense, the court handed down an eight-year sentence.
  9. The judge of the court of appeal annulled his sentence.
  10. The court may impose a fine or imprisonment.
  11. If a body that exercises legal powers goes beyond the four corners of the act, then the court can intervene.
  12. The court recognized that a state may punish a teacher who interrupts education.
  13. A person appointed by a probate court to administer the estate of a person who died intestate (without a will).
  14. The court appointed a bankruptcy trustee to administer the property to a debtor.
  15. The last one is the judicial practice of commercial use. It may affect to distribute the right and duty between the parties to the contract and administer the adjudication of the court.
  16. In 1691 he entered the service of John III Sobieski, king of Poland, and in 1694 he was called to Berlin as court sculptor to the Prussian king, Frederick I.
  17. Meanwhile, as court architect, Schlüter also worked on plans and decorations for the Berlin Palace, which had to be pulled down after World War II.

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