Use Countries in a Sentence – How to use “Countries” in a sentence


Use Countries in a sentence. How to use the word Countries in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Countries. Sentence for Countries.

Countries - Sentence for Countries - Use Countries in a Sentence


Examples of Countries in a sentence

  1. Euthanasia is illegal in most countries.
  2. Where is Far East the countries and information about Far East?
  3. The festival of San Juan Bautista was a popular celebration in many European countries.
  4. He also held many visiting professorships in the United States and other countries and served on many civic and professional committees.
  5. It offers its customers access to a network covering 314 destinations in 116 countries thanks to Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Transavia.
  6. This shows the commitment we have to connect more and more Argentina with neighboring countries and between provinces.
  7. The Latin American countries have presented an important economic growth in recent years, by offering high quality products and services in the international market.
  8. In the following article you will discover which are the 17 richest countries in Latin America, taking into account their Gross Domestic Product, and their per capita income.
  9. Television has now become the focal point of family life in many countries in the world.
  10. Most countries exporting fuels such as petroleum and natural gases are witnessing a booming economy.
  11. In their search for raw materials, industrialized countries often ignore the interests of developing countries.
  12. There is growing fear Now that the conflict could spread outside the boundaries of the old Yugoslavia, and into neighboring countries.
  13. The solitaire ring is from Samer Halimeh, one of the most-sought-after jewelers and who has several celebrity clients including international supermodel Naomi Campbell, media mogul Oprah Winfrey, singer-songwriter Sir Elton John, as well as influential and powerful families from Middle Eastern countries.
  14. However, Prince Harry and Meghan are accelerating the movement towards a more rationalized royal family, which is found in more compact European countries such as the Netherlands or Belgium.

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