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Use Council in a sentence. How to use the word Council in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Council.

Definition of Council

Examples of Council in a sentence

*** The city of Sacramento has a council manager form of government.

*** One hundred and ten programs in the United States and six other countries are accredited by the Council for Distance Education and Training.

*** The Council will meet to decide whether to accept his resignation.

*** Dad Ron had already qualified as an accountant and finally got a job at the local council.

*** The competent department of postal services under the State Council shall establish regional administrative bodies of postal services necessary to administer the postal services of each region.

*** The Council has plenary powers to administer the Agreement.

*** The finance committee of Whitehill agreed to suggest an agreement with the Parish Council of Selborne to pay subsidies in alternate years.

*** Mr. Barro believes that the estimates of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers are absurdly large.

** The Council unanimously ordered the city staff to prepare a status report on the project.

*** With few options, the City Council unanimously agreed to the update on Wednesday night.

*** The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the cessation of hostilities.

*** The city council voted almost unanimously in favor.

*** But last week, the city council unanimously rejected his request to officially add the tilde.

*** Government is by council and manager.

*** He was named bishop of Lisieux in 1432 and attended the Council of Basel in 1435.

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