Use Council in a Sentence, How to use “Council” in a sentence


Use Council in a sentence. How to use the word Council in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Council. Sentence for Council.

Use Council in a Sentence - How to use "Council" in a sentence


Examples of Council in a sentence

  1. The council-manager form of government was adopted in 1915.
  2. The city of Sacramento has a council manager form of government.
  3. One hundred and ten programs in the United States and six other countries are accredited by the Council for Distance Education and Training.
  4. The Council will meet to decide whether to accept his resignation.
  5. Dad Ron had already qualified as an accountant and finally got a job at the local council.
  6. Clifton is governed by a mayor and council, who appoint a city manager.
  7. In April 2013, a collaboration agreement was signed between Arrecife City Council and the Government of the Canary Islands to draft a General Arrecife Plan, through the figure of the General Supplementary Plan.
  8. The competent department of postal services under the State Council shall establish regional administrative bodies of postal services necessary to administer the postal services of each region.
  9. The Council has plenary powers to administer the Agreement.
  10. The finance committee of Whitehill agreed to suggest an agreement with the Parish Council of Selborne to pay subsidies in alternate years.
  11. Mr. Barro believes that the estimates of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers are absurdly large.
  12. The Council unanimously ordered the city staff to prepare a status report on the project.
  13. With few options, the City Council unanimously agreed to the update on Wednesday night.
  14. The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the cessation of hostilities.
  15. The city council voted almost unanimously in favor.
  16. But last week, the city council unanimously rejected his request to officially add the tilde.
  17. Government is by council and manager.
  18. He was named bishop of Lisieux in 1432 and attended the Council of Basel in 1435.
  19. council in North Yorkshire is selling a property adjoining a graveyard – with a burial plot included.

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