Use Couldn’t in a Sentence

Use Couldn’t in a sentence. How to use the word Couldn’t in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Couldn’t.

Definition of Couldn’t

Examples of Couldn’t in a sentence

*** As an old schoolgirl, she couldn’t resist the use of the blackboard.

*** She couldn’t do anything but close the conversational hatches and wait until the storm went out alone.

*** I couldn’t think what to say and I muttered something unintelligible.

*** The Rockets had a great player in Hakeem and no close rival to Pippen’s caliber, except in the 1994-1995 season, when Jordan couldn’t take the Bulls to the final.

*** She had information that she couldn’t wait to impart.

*** We drove on a zigzag road and we couldn’t make good time.

*** When this child, whether older or younger than him, was present, he would laugh out loud, talk absurdly and couldn’t work.

*** He couldn’t hear me because he was speaking in his deaf ear and the room was full of other conversations.

*** The children were very disappointed that we couldn’t go to the zoo.

*** On Easter Sunday a rabbit couldn’t be found in a petting zoo.

*** He couldn’t take that job at the zoo because of his epilepsy.

*** In this sense, an accident is an occurrence that couldn’t have been prevented by the exercise of ordinary care.

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