Use Correspondence in a Sentence, How to use “Correspondence” in a sentence


Use Correspondence in a sentence. How to use the word Correspondence in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Correspondence. Sentence for Correspondence.

Use Correspondence in a Sentence - How to use "Correspondence" in a sentence

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Examples of correspondence in a sentence

  1. She was prohibited any correspondence with the outside world.
  2. Adams correspondence selections and the writings of Judith Sargent Murray.
  3. I received the letter this morning with his forty-fifth movement (does your knight capture my queen?), And also his extensive explanation of the mid-September ellipsis in our correspondence.
  4. I answer in a similar way, very briefly and concisely, however, for the number of notes of this kind which I receive is very large, and the time which I can devote to such a correspondence necessarily limited.
  5. This ought to be the answer whenever that question arises that still serves the purpose of discussion in the correspondence columns of the newspapers, Is corporal punishment defensible?
  6. That a man of Mr. Vanderbridge’s wealth and position should have been so careless about his correspondence amazed me until I recalled the dark hints Hopkins had dropped in some of her midnight conversations.
  7. He had been, in many cases, a confidential adviser, and had maintained a secret correspondence with her in certain trying periods of her life.
  8. The letter stated that the Czar had sent the embassy to assure him of his desire “to improve the affection and good correspondence which had always existed, as well between his royal highness and himself as between their illustrious ancestors.”
  9. He said that Byron had mentioned seven as the number of the pillars in his poem, and that most people who had read the poem were pleased to observe the correspondence between his description and the reality.
  10. He did all in his power to diminish the opposition to it, from whatever quarter it might come, and rendered essential service in the correspondence with France, and in the negotiations with the pope for obtaining the necessary dispensation.


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