Use Copper in a Sentence, How to use “Copper” in a sentence


Use Copper in a sentence. How to use the word Copper in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Copper. Sentence for Copper.

What Is Copper? Copper Element Properties

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Examples of Copper in a sentence

  1. Bronze and copper slowly degrade, combining again with elements of the environment to return to its natural state.
  2. The impurities of the air, the earth and the sea cause corrosion, but this type of patinas usually protect copper or bronze against it.
  3. Copper sulfate (antlerite) or copper sulfides (novelite and chalcocite) give a greenish-blue to greenish-blue color.
  4. Copper carbonate is an additional reaction of copper oxide, not copper, as it will only form on brown or red copper oxides.
  5. One of these arts was the use of copper, which metal he taught his new subjects to procure from the ore obtained in mines.
  6. To diminish this labor the ancients contrived tables of brass, copper, lead, and sometimes of wood, and cut the inscriptions upon them by the use of various tools and implements.
  7. The plow used was made of copper, and for a team to draw it a bullock and a heifer were yoked together.
  8. The inscriptions extend the land of the Medes to the East as far as the copper mountains, or borders of the land of Bikni.
  9. The number of horses given by the chieftains to Sargon allows on an average a hundred for each, and we also hear of other property, treasures, and the product of copper mines.
  10. In another and yet worse hell they are broiled in pans; here they have to eat hot coals; there they walk on burning sand and glowing iron; in another place hot copper is poured into their necks.
  11. In the foundations of the palace was found a stone chest, in which lay seven plates of gold, silver, tin, copper, lead, alabaster, and marble, on which are inscriptions as well as on the clay cylinders found in the ruins.


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