Use Cooler in a Sentence – How to use “Cooler” in a sentence


Use Cooler in a sentence. How to use the word Cooler in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cooler. Sentence for Cooler.

Use Cooler in a Sentence - How to use "Cooler" in a sentence

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Examples of Cooler in a sentence

  1. Call for service on cooler immediately.
  2. Our wine cooler made of solid gel.
  3. State army horse, singing wine cooler in Iraq.
  4. A 12-ounce wine cooler can have 190 calories and 22 grams of carbs.
  5. Rain cools the air around us and the ground, because it comes from cooler regions of the air above.
  6. Bar Accessory, Gift Sets, Wine Rack , Wine Cooler Wine Set, Kitchen Ware Tableware and Cutlery.
  7. The yacht is equipped with radar navigation systems, high frequency communications equipment, refrigerators, wine cooler, etc.
  8. While such curiosities are sure to keep physicists busy, work is already under way to move topological insulators from the wine cooler to the laptop.
  9. Investing in sexy new stainless steel appliances may be a wise idea when it comes to cooking up a quick flip – be sure to add a coveted glass-front wine cooler.
  10. Sometimes the stratum is cooled by being wafted over ranges of mountains; sometimes by encountering and becoming mingled with cooler currents of air; and sometimes, again, by being driven in winds toward a higher, and, consequently, cooler latitude.
  11. In our Manhattan apartment, we also have a tiny wine cooler that holds just 17 bottles and cost less than $400.
  12. Gourmet Kitchen has everything a chef could desire as well a a view of the garden and wine cooler in the pantry.
  13. With a wine cooler in your house, you can have the perfect pairing of delicious chilled wine with beautiful crystal glass to create an unforgettable romantic evening.
  14. You could also buy a small wine cooler and follow the same guidelines: If you keep your wine fridge in a cool place, it won’t have to work so hard, keeping your energy bill down.


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