Use Cool in a Sentence, How to use “Cool” in a sentence


Use Cool in a sentence. How to use the word Cool in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cool. Sentence for Cool.

Use Cooler in a Sentence - How to use "Cooler" in a sentence

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Examples of cool in a sentence

  1. Why don’t you sit down with a cool glass of lemonade?
  2. The person should be placed on his back, with head slightly elevated, in a cool place, and his clothes removed.
  3. Another way to cool the body is immersion in cool water for about twenty minutes.
  4. Investors or donors would not be given a share in the company but Isaac promised cool stuff in return.
  5. If at any time a person feels dizzy or nau-seated, he should go immediately to a cool airy place.
  6. During the winter the plant should be kept in a cool place, but preferably one that receives ample sun.
  7. Cut off the leaves just above the bulb and keep the bulb in the pot, in a cool, dark, dry place.
  8. You also need to create an account at Garmin Connect to see all this cool data.
  9. This solidifies when cool and can be made into the powder or sheets sold as gelatine.
  10. A cool place is most suitable if the temperature is too high your plant will suffer.
  11. The cool and heavy air in the room and out of doors crowds it up.
  12. He found him sitting on a bench, under a trellis covered with woodbine, at the kitchen door, enjoying the cool of the evening.
  13. “No,” said his father; “strictly speaking, it is not _drawn_ in; it is pressed in, by the cool and heavy air of the room.”
  14. Still, though he said nothing in the way of reproof or reprehension, and did not name the boys, but merely gave a cool and impartial narrative of the facts, the effect, very evidently, was to bring such quarrels into discredit.


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