Use Convincing in a Sentence

Use Convincing in a sentence. How to use the word Convincing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Convincing.

Definition of Convincing

Examples of Convincing in a sentence

*** The evidence was so convincing that he felt compelled to accept it.

*** Croly’s writings provided progressives with their most convincing arguments in favor of positive legislation.

*** Lucy did not have a convincing reason to go to the city.

*** His prose as always lucid and convincing.

*** The more capitalist developed, the more convincing Marxist analysis became.

*** At first glance, this is a convincing concept.

*** I should have a much more convincing reason than that.

*** This approach to the nature of dreams is very convincing.

*** But the compassion and scathing comedy of the play make it more convincing.

*** Historically, the most convincing idea about meaning has been that meaning is some kind of entity or thing.

*** The road to depression Even so, the parallels with the 1930s are much more convincing now than in 1987.

*** He had the most convincing eyes he had ever encountered.

*** The Court expressly recognizes that this interest is convincing and is promoted through the ordinance.

*** And they actually provide some convincing answers.

*** Although he detested journalism, his Johnsonian style and convincing character established him as one of Fleet Street’s most charismatic figures.

*** Freud’s approach to dream analysis is very convincing.

*** There is no logically convincing argument to support his claims.

*** The argument in favor of greater nationalization is convincing.

*** There is no convincing reason for a bill to expire at the end of a parliamentary session.

*** The most convincing argument for true reform is that it would lead to greater efficiency in government.

*** Which brings us to the most convincing details in this trick: the romantic disguise that the virus used.

*** The conclusion of an argument is convincing only if its premises are accepted.

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