Use Convince in a Sentence, How to use “Convince” in a sentence


Use Convince in a sentence. How to use the word Convince in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Convince. Sentence for Convince.

Use Convince in a Sentence - How to use "Convince" in a sentence


Examples of Convince in a sentence

  1. How to convince the client to purchase?
  2. It’s time to convince your boss.
  3. How to convince someone that your idea was their idea.
  4. It would be her duty _not_ to go; but I suppose it will be very difficult for me to convince you of it.
  5. He can say to the proprietor, after a vain attempt to convince him he is wrong, “Well, sir, I will do just as you say.
  6. He who will ascertain truth and acquire freedom from evil, has first to convince himself that evil exists.
  7. They endeavored to convince her of this, and urged her not to expose herself to such dangers.
  8. It’s never of any service to attempt to convince people that don’t want to be convinced; especially if they are wrong.
  9. But the dinner-cloth was removed, and there sat Helen, suffering not a little from hunger; still she would not complain; she meant to convince her aunt that she was not moved by trifles.
  10. To convince someone, you need to play the long game: get inside their head, sew the seeds of uncertainty, and speak to their whole mind.
  11. Are you ready to register for NKFU0507 but still need to convince your boss?
  12. There’s just something obvious about emptiness, even when you try to convince yourself otherwise.
  13. Such treatment would not only fail to convince him that his idea was wrong, but would effectually close his heart against any such conviction.
  14. How do we convince them that a move to an assisted living center could be a mentally and physically beneficial option?
  15. Before trying to convince clients to get a loan, you must first have a network to offer it to.

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