Use Control in a Sentence, How to use “Control” in a sentence


Use Control in a sentence. How to use the word Control in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Control. Sentence for Control.

Accounting as a Control Device (Public & Government)

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Examples of Control in a sentence

  1. This system includes the leakage current detection unit and the administration and control center of the remote computer.
  2. That alliance promised the possibility of a kingdom in the areas that they snatched from Ottoman control.
  3. In swimming at my level it is about the control of small movements.
  4. Beta Ray Bill comes with the floating base, Captain Marvel comes with the control panel, The Wasp comes with the legs, Moon Knight comes with the left arm.
  5. He clarified many aspects of lymph formation, the heartbeat, nutrition, thirst, salivary secretion, thyroid function, and the parathyroid control of blood calcium.
  6. Do not let anything outside take control of yourself.
  7. A new report on successful, safe and humane birth control in elephants should benefit wildlife managers in Africa according to the Humane Society of the United States.
  8. Now suppose I should resign the school into your own hands as to its management, and only come in to give instruction to the classes, leaving all general control of its arrangements with you, would it go on safely or not?
  9. It is a great, though very prevalent mistake, to imagine that boys and girls like a lax and inefficient government, and dislike the pressure of steady control.
  10. In the former it is entirely his own; circumstances have no control over him.
  11. We should bring out those powers with which the Creator has endued the minds placed under our control.
  12. He looks for the faults; watches, without seeming to watch, the movements which he is attempting to control.
  13. We should all remember that our pupils are but for a very short time under our direct control.
  14. What we aim at is to bring forward and strengthen an internal principle which will act when both parent and teacher are away, and control where external circumstances are all unfavorable.


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