Contributions in a sentence


Use contributions in a sentence. Sentence for contributions. How to use the word contributions in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word contributions. How to use “contributions” with example sentences.

Definition of contributions

Examples of contributions in a sentence

*** Numerous contributions by de Broglie greatly helped in this development.

*** One of his chief contributions was the reintroduction of the recorder.


*** Miller made important contributions to the knowledge of the chemical and bacterial causes of dental and oral disease.

*** She is noted for her work with children and her contributions to psychoanalytic theory.

*** Anna Freud made important contributions to the movement within psychoanalytic theory called “ego psychology,” which increasingly recognized and formulated the growth of reality-oriented and adaptive ego functions in personality development.

*** Besides being a clever administrator, he was a competent musician, and he made valuable contributions to the study of the southern Sudan’s natural history.


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