Use Contralto in a Sentence, How to use “Contralto” in a sentence


Use Contralto in a sentence. How to use the word Contralto in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Contralto. Sentence for Contralto.

Use Contralto in a Sentence - How to use "Contralto" in a sentence

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Examples of Contralto in a sentence

  1. While still a contralto he sang in Mozart’s Requiem, performed on the death of Joseph Haydn (1809), and 18 years later sang the bass solo in the same composition performed after the death of Ludwig van Beethoven, at whose funeral he was one of the torchbearers.
  2. We should also expect a constant difference in the length of the strings of a tenor and a bass in the male, and of the contralto and soprano in the female, but that is not the case.
  3. French, from the larynx of two great singers, a contralto and a high soprano, during vocalization, which exhibit changes in the length of the vocal cords and in the size of the cleft between them.
  4. Photographs of French at the conference of Sir Felix Semon on the voice, (1) Aspect of the vocal cords of the contralto singer when singing F.
  5. With thrilling sweetness, astonishing technique, and most amazing volume, her rich contralto voice rang suddenly through the room.
  6. Red books and gold frames and a chocolate-colored bronze or two caught up the flickering glint from the apple-wood fire, and out of some shadowy corner flanked by a grand piano a young girl’s contralto voice, sensuous as liquid plush, was lipping its magic way up and down the whole wonderful, molten scale.
  7. Following closely behind his towering bulk, the girl with the contralto voice stepped out into the lamplight, and I made my most solemn and profound German bow over her proffered hand before the flaming mischief in her finger tips sent my eyes staring up into her astonishing face.
  8. Not till we had reached Madge Hubert’s doorstep did I lose utterly the wonderful lilting echo of that young contralto voice with the man’s older tenor ringing in and out of it like a shimmery silver lining.


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