Use Continuously in a Sentence, How to use “Continuously” in a sentence


Use continuously in a sentence. How to use the word continuously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word continuously. Sentence for continuously.

Use Continuously in a Sentence - How to use "Continuously" in a sentence


Examples of continuously in a sentence

  1. Shrimp boats can fish continuously for hours at a time.
  2. He complained almost continuously of postprandial nausea.
  3. I had intended to read Donald continuously.
  4. After extensive scientific preparations, Duveyrier traveled in the Sahara almost continuously from 1859 to 1861.
  5. It will be from nine in the evening when you can enjoy a successful comedy that premiered in 1983 at the Shaftesbury Theater, performing continuously for 12 years in the West End of London.
  6. Socialist group in the Parliament of the Canary Islands, which has led him to be in Tenerife and out of Lanzarote continuously.
  7. But his eremites were not to live the life of the eremite continuously any more than himself.
  8. At any rate, a boat can be paddled continuously through a narrow space, better than it can be rowed.
  9. The sound was greatly prolonged, sometimes roaring continuously for a time, like a cataract, and then rumbling and crashing like a peal of thunder.
  10. He traveled, visited and preached almost continuously throughout his large charge, and it appears like a miracle that under these circumstances, he still found time to write hymns.
  11. Shading effects on canopy and tillering characteristics of continuously stocked palisadegrass in a silvopastoral system in the Amazon biome.
  12. Can the sound boxes be set to continuously play?
  13. Plotting analog input continuously on a given axis.
  14. Only one commissioner has served continuously on the board since 1992.
  15. Continuously strengthen your expertise and discover new methods and technologies.
  16. He’s bothering me continuously.
  17. The free sinking motion of small spheres is experimentally investigated in a laboratory tank filled up with continuously stratified salt solutions.
  18. MD3660 two controller switching to primary continuously, that time we can’t access VMs from datastore connected to this storage.
  19. In the past few occasions, it is becoming more obvious that politics globally has been continuously changing especially with the rise of authoritarians and economical turfs of business tycoons.
  20. We are really sorry that we were not active in the chats, but still, the team was continuously working in the background.

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