Use Continuous in a Sentence

Use Continuous in a sentence. How to use the word Continuous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Continuous.

Definition of Continuous

Examples of Continuous in a sentence

*** This behavior is really a continuous flow of behaviors.

*** A new vision is presented on the trigonometric function Rational Formula Indefinite Integral, which is, how to make the indefinite integral belong to all continuous periods.

*** The rain has been continuous since this morning.

*** The bronchial response to methacholine was expressed as an ariable continuous and analyzed by multiple regression.

*** Alternative use of two filters, machine without stops in case of replacement filters, suitable for long-term continuous production.

*** When implementing a continuous control acceleration, the relative position of a mission satellite to a target satellite can be kept fixed during the mission.

*** The union development, however, imparted a literary dimension for all its continuous use of ritual and symbolism.

*** I hope that the highlight of the Xerox support is its new color continuous feed press, the 490/980 (image on the right).

*** The complementary antonyms are pairs of words whose meanings are opposite, but whose meanings are not in a continuous spectrum (push, pull).

*** A person with hematuria should be put to bed and the doctor promptly consulted. Uncontrolled or continuous bleeding may be critical if not apprehended and treated.

*** While sudden strain may cause actual tearing of the ligaments that normally prevent herniation, the more common cause is related to continuous increase in pressure gradually stretching these ligaments.

*** This means that for the next 5-10 years, the decreases observed in the last decade could be a continuous trend.

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