Use Contender in a Sentence

Use Contender in a sentence. How to use the word Contender in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Contender.

Definition of Contender

Examples of Contender in a sentence

*** The latest contender for such status is accounting.

*** She was a strong contender for the Olympic team in United States.

*** The only serious contender remaining in the presidential race is Guei himself.

*** Another naval aviator seen as a contender is Adm.

*** The press established him as the main contender.

*** Donald has been considered a possible presidential contender.

*** Donald had to retire as a contender.

*** Muriel had the impression that she was a great contender for the position.

*** He was the first and only presidential contender to propose a vision of the world profoundly alternative to the traditions of the imperialist perspective.

*** The obvious contender should be Lotus 1-2-3; the DOS version was one of the most successful software programs in history.

*** Her brothers were amazed when she became a family contender.

*** Teal was not, after all, a serious contender.

*** His coach said yesterday that he would be a great contender for a place in Britain’s Olympic squad.

*** A boxer based in Brighton, Eubank is a middleweight world title contender that boxing critics love to hit in print.

*** Only 61, 543 are needed to put Perot on the ballot as an independent contender.

*** However, he is also a former member of the House and a recognized contender who currently ranks third in the Senate leadership ranking.

*** Sunset Hiker, a winner the last time, would be a live contender, but a difficult trap position can be a problem.

*** The New York primary left one thing clear: at least one presidential contender must leave.

*** Donald White and his characteristic red and black plaid was a strong contender.

*** Nelson began a cleanup of the extended house that in 1991 gave them the appearance of an intriguing but defective contender.

*** Strong contender Spain along with Slovenia, Paraguay and makeup group B.


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