Use Contact in a Sentence, How to use “Contact” in a sentence


Use Contact in a sentence. How to use the word Contact in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Contact. Sentence for Contact.

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Examples of Contact in a sentence

  1. Of all the files and contact lists.
  2. However, contact information for Members is not available to you when you enter as a Guest.
  3. For details of your local distributor, contact us.
  4. An indirect indirect alternative measure of contact angle appears to be promising.
  5. The lure must advance over the perspective in a zigzag pattern by making an occasional pause and making strong direct eye contact with the dog.
  6. The point of contact of two contiguous objects or parts.
  7. Xerox uses IR heat fusion of non-contact flash light wave that incorporates specialized toners.
  8. Zoo manager Mark Challis said: “The care provided by our mysterious woman is unique to the history of the zoo and we would like to contact her family and adequately document this gap in our past.”
  9. Lower swallows are likely to come into direct contact with the spot, because they fish for food along the beach, said Lee Schoen, a bird healer at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.
  10. We had thought that your sender gave you our contact details.


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