Use Construction in a Sentence, How to use “Construction” in a sentence


Use Construction in a sentence. How to use the word Construction in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Construction. Sentence for Construction.

Use Construction in a Sentence - How to use "Construction" in a sentence

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Examples of construction in a sentence

  1. Industry: iron and steel, coal, armaments for the construction of machinery, textiles and clothing, oil, cement.
  2. One of important issues in FCA is construction of concept lattices.
  3. I counted almost a dozen large cranes that hovered over construction sites along the coast of the Msasani Peninsula, an extension of resorts and restaurants that cater mainly to Western tourists.
  4. On Thursday, the zoo began the construction of an Avian Conservation Center.
  5. Description : I Kaiyuan , Liaoning Industrial Zone , the original investment and construction of open branches.
  6. Computer Professional Training is a distinctive project put out by the course of Computer Application and Maintenance in their teaching reform and construction.
  7. The paper introduced the parameter optimization and construction method of smooth blasting of horse – head ingate.
  8. Technical measures taken for the Zaohe 3rd lock chamber are discussed in view of the construction characteristics and thorny problems and according to the construction procedure.
  9. The estimated recycling percentage for construction and demolition waste in Norway (10–20%) represents approximately 0,4% of the annual production of gravel and crushed rock.
  10. Therefore, “human-centered” value principle should be insisted in the construction of the university system.
  11. Obama announced the award at the economic recovery program of the first in a highway construction contract, made the above remarks.
  12. The Main School building was a three-storeyed construction that included the senior dormitory, class rooms and the chemistry laboratory.
  13. Much of the growth in demand before the sales tax was raised was attributed to construction of new homes.
  14. Before the 15th annual NuArt street art festival that opens this weekend in Norway, the French artists Ella and Pitr completed the work on this huge rooftop mural of the construction company Block Berge Bygg located in the municipality of Klepp.


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