Use Consciousness in a Sentence, How to use “Consciousness” in a sentence


Use Consciousness in a sentence. How to use the word Consciousness in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Consciousness. Sentence for Consciousness.

Use Consciousness in a Sentence - How to use "Consciousness" in a sentence

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Examples of Consciousness in a sentence

  1. Wilder was startled to full consciousness by a moan.
  2. Consciousness is important, and so is wanting to live in a better world. Help the environment, help yourself!
  3. It made the defendant somewhat ashamed of himself, although of course it did not in the least obscure to his mind the consciousness that the judge had dealt with him justly.
  4. They seem to compel us to pose as exhorter and pattern, and to force on us a paralyzing self-consciousness.
  5. Thoughts blew in and out of her mind like dead leaves, now whirling, now drifting, now stirring faintly in her consciousness with a moaning sound.
  6. While she walked the few blocks to her door, she forced herself by an effort of will to go on, step by step, not to drop down in the street and lose consciousness.
  7. NOON was near at hand when the guest of the hut waked to full consciousness.
  8. A moan recalled him to consciousness, and it was not until later that he realized the distressing length of time that he had lain unconscious.
  9. At any moment she might recover consciousness and find herself alone and suffering in this strange place; and a whole night and day would hardly have been sufficient for him to fetch the surgeon, had that been a physical possibility.
  10. He hoped that she would not regain consciousness before he should make another trip to the scene of the tragedy and secure her luggage.
  11. This was a blessing, unless the state had been induced by causes worse than consciousness of the pain from setting the bone.
  12. When I first came to consciousness after my hurt, I saw what I took to be evidence that my strength of will was greater than his.

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