Use Conscious in a Sentence, How to use “Conscious” in a sentence


Use conscious in a sentence. How to use the word conscious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word conscious. How to use “conscious” with example sentences

Use Conscious in a Sentence - How to use "Conscious" in a sentence


Examples of conscious in a sentence

  1. Is everything conscious?
  2. What is conscious capitalism?
  3. He has never been particularly politically conscious.
  4. By conscious, repeated practice, we become good at those movements.
  5. Plants, they protest, are emphatically not conscious.
  6. He was struggling to stay conscious as waves of red-hot nausea flooded him.
  7. No stimulants should be given, but when conscious the person may have cool drinks.
  8. Think your deliberate, guiding, conscious thoughts are in charge of your actions?
  9. The idea that everything from spoons to stones is conscious is gaining academic credibility.
  10. Freud (1915) described the conscious mind, which consists of all the mental processes of which we are aware, and this is seen as the tip of the iceberg.
  11. Being a responsible investor or a conscious consumer is not about recanting capitalism, but about making informed choices.
  12. Why would any collection of matter in the universe be conscious?
  13. A 4 month immersion program aimed at accelerating conscious entrepreneurs to traction and revenue.
  14. He was fully conscious when we found him.
  15. Conscious Items online store has a great collection of spiritual items for your home and meaningful jewelry designed to keep your mind and body enlightened.
  16. The conscious competence theory and related matrix model explain the process and stages of learning a new skill (or behaviour, ability, technique, etc.).
  17. We are unaware of many of the decisions, actions, and reactions that occur without conscious thought because of how our mind works.
  18. The word “conscious” has many connotations for people.
  19. Our entire lives are like this, but we’re often less conscious of the practice.
  20. The individual becoming conscious of the existence of eternal, infinite Spirit is spiritual awakening.

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